UNIFAUN – Unifaun (review)

1. Birth of a Biggie
2. To the Greek Faerie
3. Mr. Marmaduke and the Minister
4. Swingers Party
5. ReHacksis
6. Quest for the Last Virtue
7. A Way Out
8. Finistere
9. Welcom to the Farm
10. Maudlin Master
11. Bon Apart
12. End-of-Fin

Year: 2008
Label: Progress Records

One day two guys met on Genesis website’s forum. Their names were Nad Sylvan and Bonamici. Since their passion to music was not only about listening to it, they started to exchange samples of their own music. One day they decided to band together,create music and their motto was „make the songs Genesis never did” This is how Unfiaun was born, a band which is quite exceptional on contemporary music scene. So far I’ve not met a band that would so openly talk about their inspirations and fascinations. Usually people strive to underline their individuality, distinctness, own style etc. Unifaun does not make it a secret that they love early Genesis and they want to continue the work of Gabriel and Genesis. So, since they’re doing it well it’s even better!

A debut album made by this 2-member project entitled Unifaun is a must have for those who miss the sound of Genesis and for those who were listening to „Scripr for a Jesters Tear” by Marillion with fast beating heart (by the way, Marillion were also fans of Genesis that time). The very voice of Nat Sylvan is a reminiscent of Peter Gabriel and Fish – it’s very characteristic, many a time it sounds almost the same as Fish’s voice (however, some 20 years ago).

Let’s move to the music itself and contents of this release. There are 12 compositions on the album, four of which are instrumental. Interestingly enough (as for a prog rock band, rooted in the tradition of the 70s) just one composition lasts for more than 10 minutes which is – „Quest for the Last Virtue”. For me it’s one of the highlights of the album. The beginning makes me think of Selling England by the Pound, was it intentional? Delicate beginning that introduces into this composition creates the atmosphere that is very ethereal and gentle. Catchy choir has a power to engrave into your memory and stay there for long, a brilliant part closing the track is just a masterpiece. Musicians managed to recreate the atmosphere of the 70s on „Mr. Marmaduke and the Minister.” From the very first second to the very last one you’ve got an impression that this song was released long time ago. This atmosphere, these characteristic bits and pieces, keyboard lines, Gabriel-tinged vocals – it’s all best quality! An almost eight minute long instrumental track “Rehackis” is an example of how you can build atmosphere and compose interesting instrumental parts without overdoing, loftiness or banality. This song has something from a legend, guitar lines and instrumental pieces make me think of some legendary lands full of fauns, elfs and imaginary creatures. I’d like to draw your attention to “A Way Out”, a semi ballad including an interesting guitar theme and loads of emotions packed just within six minutes!

Unifaun managed to release an exceptional album. It’s been a while since I last came across a good debut album. Maybe it’s a matter of nostalgia which this album evokes? However, if early-Genesis is important to you and Scripr for a Jesters Tear” evokes some memories then Unifaun is definitely worth a try for you! You can obtain the opening track „Birth of a Biggie” from our Mp3 section.

There are two ratings:

For those who are looking for novelty and innovation in music – 7/10
For those who value atmosphere most and like to return to music which is not so popular today…and I’m in this group – 9,5/10

Piotr Michalski
translation – Gosia Michalska

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