2008.05.09 – SACRUM – Martín Guerrero (interview)

I found this Argentinian band few moths ago, and I was impressed! SACRUM plays such kind of prog metal I adore! They just recorded debut album, and they were invited to play as a support of Dream Theater. Impressive, isn’t it? Check out interview with Martín Guerrero bellow.

Hi guys first of all I would like to congratulate you on recording a very good album. Are you happy with the reviews of the album? Did you expect such good reviews?

Thank you, we are happy not only of the reviews themselves, but also because lot of
international websites were interested in Cognition, that’s the most important thing.

Back in 2006 you recorded demo „Transgenia”.
What was the difference between tracks from your EP and tracks from „Cognition”?

Well, production differences mainly. We recorded the EP quickly just to start spreading our stuff through internet as we never brought out the EP officialy.
Also, the writting of the other songs was made in a different time than the ones included in Transgenia, so that creates some differences too, although I wrote the Cognition’s tunes within 3 years, so that’s why you can find lot of different influences, riffs, sounds, etc.

Why did you decide to put two tracks from EP on the album, but you quit with the instrumental track?

Because beside the rest of the tunes we thought it wasn’t worth to include it.

What are your lyrics about on „Cognition” album?

The lyrics are mostly individual stories about schizophrenia, multiple personalities and usual problems and issues the mind creates. Although there are a couple of lyrics like Stay, or Cognition which talk about leting out those mind struggles, breaking free, etc. And we think the sound of each song reflects what we wanted to express with the lyrics or even how Talo felt in that moment he was writing them.

Images in booklet of „Cognition” are awsome. Did you give your suggestions to the artist, or did he make them after listening to the songs?

Thank you, well, I designed the inside booklet so I gave myself the suggestions, jaja.
I just spent some time listening to the songs and tried to reflect what I heard in images, colors, etc. Each song is a different story, so I tried to create a different images for each one.

How did it happen, that your cover artwork was made by Polish artist?

We found Michal Karcz through internet, he is a very talented artists and I definitely trust in what he does. We’ll look forward to keep working with him.

Two months ago you supported Dream Theater in Buenos Aires. How did your set look like?

We played five songs of Cognition, we tried to give our best show but we were a supporting band so some things we want to set on a show were impossible to do there, everything went good though, but the real Sacrum wasn’t on that stage.

What was your impressions from this event?

It was a cool experience to share the Luna Park stage with them, we’re very grateful.

I saw your videoclip from that concert.
Is there a chance you will release live DVD with this concert?

I’m sorry, no DVD of that show, but maybe we will shoot one in the next show here in Buenos Aires.

How do you gonna promote your debut album? Are you gonna play a lot of gigs?

Actually, we are focused in one show to present Cognition live in Buenos Aires, and we have to prepare lot of things besides the music rehearsals. We want to go Europe, North-America and other places outside Argentina, but I guess we can’t do it this year, maybe next!

What are your future plans? Are there any plans regarding next album?

Yes, after the Cognition’s Live show we’ll start recording the next album, pretty different from the first one by the way.

I hope we will meet at your concert in Poland.
I wish you good luck!

What do you want to say to Rock Area readers as an outro?

Thank you, we hope to get Poland someday too.
To all the Rock Area readers, thank you for your support and hope to see you all in some gig!

Interviewer: Piotr Spyra

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