SACRUM – Cognition (review)

1. Translation
2. The Dream Prisoner
3. Stay
4. In Memory
5. Made As One
6. Sacrum
7. Innerself
8. Cognition
9. No Turning Back

Year: 2008
Label: Transgenia Records

Argentinian band Sacrum is another band I met via Myspace. After I’ve heard tracks available at band’s profile, I knew I have to own the copy of the album! Cognition is a debut of prog metalers, which came out in the beginning of year 2008. First thing which surprised me, was the form of the album. Digipack version has a nostalgic cover artwork (made by Polish artist Łukasz Karcz), besides there are great artworks to every single track. All these things help the listener and suggest some kind of an interpretation of the songs. Every artwork is very sugestive, symbolic and progressive to the bone. As the album lands in the cd player we can hear first class prog metal coming out of the speakers; prog metal with the melodies and atmosphere that do their best. The listener cannot get bored with the rhythmic diversity served on the album. Tracks are changable and interesting. It’s natural when we hear the debut album, we try to compare it. Characteristic voice of Talo Silveyra remainds me of Sun Caged vocalist – Paul Adrian Villareal, and here the comparisons end. Guys from Sacrum play prog metal but don’t model their music on their idols. I would rather say, we can treat music from the album “Cognition” as Sacrum’s own style. Of course there are plenty of heavy riffs, but there are also a lot of light solos. There is a lot space filled with acoustic sounds which builds up the atmosphere more than keybords. However, a very interesting thing a is a mix of keyboards which isn’t intrusive and rarely gets to the foreground. It helps treating Sarcrum’s debut definetelly as the guitar oriented album. Here and there we can hear recitations, screams and whispers… it creates schizophrenic impression. We got used to the fact that progressive bands often show off with their instruments and play dissonances that are not digestible to an average listener. But it’s not in Sacrum’s case. Cognition is the album not only for prog metal fans. Fans of power or heavy metal music can also find something interesting in Sacrum’s music. Album is very coherent; every song is on a high level. The only thing I don’t like in this album is growl vocals in track “Sacvum”. I know it is a brutal element as a contrast, but I don’t like it and I would give maksimum rate without it.
Sacrum’s debut album is a fantastic piece of prog metal music!


Piotr „Piospy” Spyra

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