01. Angels Desire
02. My Goodness
03. Another Brick In The Wall pt. 2
04. Empty Me

Year Released: 2008
Record Label: CD Independent

I discovered Orphan Project about two years ago thanks to their brilliant „Orphan Found”. From the very start I was carried away with the sounds coming from my CD-player. The music was melodious but far from being banal. Since that time I’ve been exchanging e-mails with Shan Lankford, band’s vocalist, and imagine my joy when somewhere in the middle of last year Shan wrote that they were working on new material! Today you can listen to Ep “II” – the very first effect of their work.

This album, released as a digipack, has been in my CD player for a few days and I must admit that’s gonna stay there for long. The music presented on “II” is rock at its best embellished with some prog rock sounds. The opening track „Angels Desire”, one of the first tracks intended for a new album, gives you a taste of fine rock music. Interesting opening riff, some hard rock sounds in a verse and melodious, catchy chorus make the shortest description of this song possible. It’s an interesting part when music slows down before the chorus and you can hear a fine keybordlines and stunning guitar solo followed by chorus again, however, this time sung in a higher voice. „My Goodness” that follows „Angels Desire” is, to my mind, the best of the album. Sounds of piano and violin followed by hard guitarwork opens this track. This piece is very catchy, a fine verse moves on to a brilliant chorus and repetitive sounds of the violin enhance the overall great quality of the album. Now, those who do not know “Another Brick in the Wall” hands up! I can’t see anybody…so as everyone knows it’s Pink Floyd’s world hit. Orphan Project made it their way and thank you for that! This track opens with the acoustic passage followed by few intricate instrumental lines that reappear a couple of times. An interesting motif is the acoustic solo that adds some Spanish/Cuban touch to this track. „Empty Me”, which closes the album, is the third composition included on this Ep that was written by the band themselves. In short, this album serves a large portion of brilliant melodies that will stay in your memory for long.

Orphan Project is not a band known to wider audience in Poland, however, I hope that soon this will change. This American band is an exquisite group making unconventional music that should suit musical tastes of rock fans. Great instrumentalists, a vocalist with a strong, distinctive voice and their talent to compose interesting songs make for group strongest sides and I hope that we will soon delight in another productions of this kind.

Piotr „PM” Michalski
translation: Gosia Michalska

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