MANGROVE – Facing the Sunset (review)

1. Facing The Sunset (13:53)
2. I Fear The Day (10:12)
3. There Must Be Another Way (12:31)
4. Hidden Dreams (20:58)

Year: 2005
Label: Mangrovian Music

Mangrove represents Duch prog rock scene. They have already recorded two studio albums and „Facing the Sunset” is the second album in their discography. This album that was released in 2005 is based on a very interesting concept, namely on a story about Nobody….This is the name of a main character of this intriguing tale and it is presented by the band in five compositions.

Those who love Andy Latimer and Camel should have a try on this album without any doubt. This Dutch band can build a similar soft mood and gentle atmosphere throughout the album. There are lots of beautilul melodies and and a touch of melancholy too. Two first compositions are dominated by soft keyboard sounds with vocals of Roland van der Horst and gentle guitar lines set againg this background. These sounds take you on a journey through slowly flowing guitar sounds. „There must be another way” so a third, instrumental track on this album brings a change of tempo. And the beginning which is dominated by gentle piano sounds does not really suggest that, although it makes a difference. There are marvellous parts for acoustic guitar and a keyboard solo that starts at about 12th minute of this track is breathteaking! „Hidden Dreams”, the fourth and last composition on the album is a true giant among others. It lasts almost 21 minutes and contains classic prog rock sounds in a style of prog rock masters. From the very beginning it’s clear that this is supposed to be a rock track although it also includes some slowdowns and a touch of melancholy that soothes your nerves. You can hear some Camel here and also Pink Floyd – this band does not try hard to be very original and draws abundantly from the best examples… and I must say they are doing this in a great style and the album is a great listen.

For many prog pock fans this group came into being because of „Facing the Sunset” and music included on this album is a real must listen for those who love gentle and full of emotions prog rock and so being fully aware, I give them


Piotr Michalski
translation: Gosia Michalska

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