KAIPA – Hans Ludin (Interview)


You mentioned, some notes came to you during the bicycle rides. Did you write it down immediately, or did you have to remember it till you return home?

If it is words I can write it down but if it’s music I have to keep it in my head until I come home. I have a basic setup with different instruments I’m normally using in my recording studio. When I hear an haunting melody playing in my head I make a simple recording of it so I don’t forget it. When I open this song later and still feel that it’s a good melody I can start to develop the original idea.

What is your bigger inspiration, countryside itself, or the way you spending time there?

The beauty of nature is an important inspiration to me in my song writing. And the best way to find inspiration is to be a part of it. My favourite way of doing this is to take a bicycle ride through the peaceful open landscape around my home town Uppsala. The lyrics to the song “Like A Serpentine” describes this feeling.

All the albums since recreating band had computer graphic cover-artworks. Until now. New album artwork remaining paintings… What made you to change approach? BTW – I think it’s suite the music much more 😉

This time I wanted a cover with a child looking into a mystic forest reflecting the lyrics in the title track. The artwork is made by Thomas Ewerhard and I think he made a great cover that is also showing the positive vibes you can find in the lyrics.

New cover artwork remains a bit „Notes from the past” cover… all the climate and colors of course. Was the similarity intended?

No, but there are definitely some similarities.

The label published two lyric-videos promoting the new album. Why did you choose „Children Of The Sounds” and „What’s Behind The Fields” for promoting the album?

“Children Of The Sounds” is the title track so it felt natural to use it. It’s also a good starting point for people that haven’t heard Kaipa before. “What’s Behind The Fields” was a suggestion from our record company Inside Out and it was also released as a single a month before the album was released

Hans Ludin

The shortest track „The Shadowy Sunlight” should be natural choice for the single, but I think it isn’t quite representative to the album. But I love the way it grows from acoustic folk into electric prog track.

This is another song inspired from one of my long bicycle rides, this time it didn’t end like I expected. It describes what’s happening when there’s an unexpected change in the weather. When the clear blue sky suddenly becomes dark and heavy rain with thunder starts and there’s a very heavy wind blowing.

Do you have any favourite moments at the album yourself?

This is a new album so still all songs are my favourites.

In few past years vinyls became much more popular. It’s great, but your albums has total time beyond the capacity of the LP. New album is published as 2LPs. Did you consider to make an album and close it in 45 minutes?

No, I never I never decide in advance what I shall write. I just let the inspiration guide me on an unpredictable and exiting journey. This time the result was five long songs and it feels good. I always try to find one of those great and unforgettable melodies hiding somewhere in my subconscious as a starting point. I often use that as a vocal melody and the main theme of a composition. Instead of composing a lot of totally different parts and mix them into a long song I use to do several variations of the main theme. Sometimes I change the time signature, sometimes I write a new instrumental melody, using the same chords, with some fragments of the main theme included and sometimes I just change the bass notes in the chords to produce another feeling. I think this gives you a familiar feeling when you listen to the music even if you don’t necessarily realize it’s coming from the same source. I’m working with writing and arranging side by side recording it into a demo where I’m playing and singing everything. That’s my normal way of working so I can get an overview of the songs. I have worked with the other members for so many years now so I can feel their presence and feel the changes in the music they’re going to perform to create the final result.

Last year KAIPA DE CAPO – project with your ex-bandmates published album „Darskapens Monotoni”. What do you think about the idea of creating such project. Did you listen to the album?

I think it’s great that my old friends and band mates from the original Kaipa 1974 are playing together again. When they started they only played the old Kaipa songs from the 70’s. But last year they decided to record an album with new material. I advised them to find a new name of the band so they could have their own identity but they refused to listen to me. I don’t like that they are using the name Kaipa just because it leads to so many misunderstandings
and confusion.

Do you listen to the progressive music yourself? Could you point any modern bands in the genre you’re into?

Probably I don’t have time or interest to listen to all new music. For me everything I haven’t heard is new, no matter what year it was recorded.

I’ve asked you before in our previous interview few years ago… but maybe some thigs changed…
Did you think about any live appearance by KAIPA? I know it’s difficult, but you know – Ayreon did, and they are also bunch of people with full schedules.

Kaipa is purely a studio band, that was my idea when “Notes from the past” was recorded and I haven’t change my thoughts concerning that during the years.

Maybe one show with recording of live album? Any chances?

Sorry, no.

Questions: Marek Toma / Piotr Spyra

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