JENNER – The Test of Time (Review)

JENNER - The Test of Time

1. Night Without Dawn 05:00
2. The Test of Time (feat. Emil Ivošević) 04:39
3. Young & Proud (Demoniac cover) 04:17

Year: 2020
Label: Infernö Records

When in October 2018 I interviewed Jenner’s drummer, Marija Dragićević, on the occasion of the vinyl reissue of the band’s debut album, the band itself was on hold at the time. A little over a year later, I bursted with joy at the news that this Serbian group which consists only of beautiful and talented ladies comes back to life and, moreover, releases new material.

For a moment I even doubted that Jenner would return. Two of the four members had just become mothers, so the band’s imminent comeback was impossible. I’m glad that the lead guitarist and Marija’s younger sister Alexandra kept Jenner’s fire preparing two new songs that make the basis of this EP. Since the line-up practically felt apart, it was her who, in addition to all guitars and bass, recorded the vocals for this release, eventually becoming a new frontwoman. Two members of her second band Sigma Epsilon helped with recordings. Drummer Nikola Simonovic recorded drum parts, while vocalist Emil Ivošević sang a duet with Alexandra in the title track.

However, it starts with „Night Without Down”, a dynamic riff number that the Masters from Annihilator would not be ashamed of. In this equally five-minute piece, Alexandra shows us a whole range of her musical interests. There are energetic and at the same time melodic riffs, sometimes a juicy solo falls and around the fourth minute everything slows down and a climatic bridge appears with beautiful harmonies, both guitar and vocal.

Mentioned „The Test of Time” is 100% pure thrash ride full of aggressive picking all over. Ivošević adds a bit of a horror punk relish with his parts and Alexandra accompanies him with another beautiful harmonies. The whole gives the impression of a successful symbiosis of the classic Slayer (riffs), Misfits from Michale Graves’ period (male voice) and Phantom Blue (female voice).

Two original songs are followed by the cover „Young & Proud” in which Alexandra pays homage to her countrymen from Demoniac. Compared to the original from this group’s only full-length album, „Touch the Wind” from 1992, the Jenner version is much faster, rearranged in Alexandra’s own style. Earlier under the name Demoniac I only knew the band from New Zealand which was the previous group of founding members of DragonForce, and thanks to „The Test of Time” I listened to the entire album of its Serbian namesake which I enjoyed quite a lot. So in my case Jenner’s cover probably fulfilled its task.

I am glad that Alexandra, despite the fact that recently she was busy with her second band which also released an EP not so long ago, did not forget about her roots and prevented the Jenner brand from dying. I am also happy that Marija joined her again and once more the sisters play together. I am looking forward to their second LP!


Patryk Pawelec

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