Interview – ANDRY LAGIOU

Recently, a vinyl re-edition of your first album, Love Strikes Doves. What prompted you to release it?

Actually I was always an unsigned artist cause I haven’t found the deal I was looking for. Sleaszy Rider [Andry’s current label – ad.pp.] was the perfect match for me and I decided I needed also the hard copies apart from the digital distribution.

Pic by Spirosk Photography

Does The Harps have a permanent line-up or has it turned into your solo project?

The Harps is always me and myself.It’s a project stories and a trilogy I have to finish somehow. Second album entitled Skies is almost done and then after the third I’ll see what I’ll do. I ask people to play with me if they like it. If they don’t I find other musicians.

You call the genre of music you are performing blues metal. What is it anyway? How much do you try to smuggle bluesy flairs into your compositions, and how much metal fumes?

Well my voice is blues and my guitar is metal. Basically I play multiple genres but my voice is blues with metal scent. It’s based on that. I love Dio but I love Aguilera too. Some say I’m a combo so I’m glad I can be both. It’s the perfect amount of chemistry and balance, I would say it’s poppy like commercial, and cultural at the same time. My songs have value with the poetic touch all you need to do is listen closely.

Pic by Spirosk Photography

You are an endorser of the Viper Guitars brand. Do you plan to prepare your signature model?

My Viper guitar actually is a signature model. It has the cross-dagger on the 12th fret and the structure and the colour I want. I ordered it that way.

Your last video (for the song Mistress of the Night), one year from its premiere, was a picture rather in a medieval atmosphere. In your next clips, do you envision a return to your old leather-latex image of a naughty girl?

First of all it is not a naughty girl if it has to be naughty it would be a REAL WOMAN. Secondly all this story is about feminism and retaliation to men for all the bad things they have done to us. And yes I will come back more aggresive than ever. I will show a more romantic verse of me on a video and then the next one boom.

In addition to your original music, you also record successful covers. My favorite is Black Cat from Janet Jackson’s repertoire.

Yes, I always participate to such projects, and when I have some time I put out covers for fun.

Is there a possibility that you will record something with Ross the Boss, ex-Manowar guitarist? What’s your favorite album/song by this band?

Anything is possible I don’t know. I like Maiden of Shadows and Secret of Steel by Manowar.

Recently, I have observed a slow thaw in the concert market in Europe. Are you also planning any live performances at the moment?

I’m playing an acoustic gig in Athens on December, 23th and then maybe I will hit EU or the USA of course since everything wouldn’t be cancelled or postponed. I don’t know if I’m personally in a position to say anything right now cause you never know what the morrow has in store.

The last word to our readers is yours.

You are the interpreter of your own soul. xxx Andry Lagiou

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