ENOCHIAN THEORY – Evolution: Creatio Ex Nihilio (review)

01 Every Ending Has A Beginning
02 Tedium
03 The Dimensionless Monologue
04 T.D.M
05 A Great Odds With
06 Apathia
07 Triumvirate
08 Movement
09 After The Movement
10 Waves Of Ascension
11 The Fire Around The Lotus
12 The Living Continuum

Year: 2009
Label: Anomalousz Music

I’m down on my knees. It started quite inconspicuously with a request from the band to listen to the album and express an opinion after downloading from the Internet a nicely prepared Press kit with a selection of graphics and, with mp3 files which are growing in popularity in promoting music. The very first glance filled me with optimism, a graphic designer has done a marvelous job and since I love this kind of works I moved to Evolution:Creatio Ex Nihilo with feelings of utmost curiosity.

As I have mentioned above, I’m down on my knees! This album is an example of how you should play progressive metal in the 21 century. The variety of ideas included on this album is amazing and at the same time you don’t get an impression that the album is overdone. Here side by side there are atmospheric, gentle sounds followed by cold, almost industrial tones which change into rough death metal. Heaviness and power co-exist with atmospheric bits and pieces and if I were to compare it to a dish I would say that all of that has been served with ice-cold gravy which adds a peculiar taste. Gorgeous solo parts and main themes have been played by a singing guitarist – Ben Harris-Hayes (I recommend A Great Odds With) and his vocals are just awesome. When its necessary he can sing very gently, when a moment comes his voice is full of emotions and passion and when he growls it seems that the walls shake from the power and aggression. I must also mention a keyboard and bass players. The first one is doing his best and gives us loads of spacious tones that build a marvelous atmosphere of the composition, while the latter one with the low sound puts heavy and depressing atmosphere to the forefront of the album.

The music presented by Enochian Theory is full of visionary images, images set in quite cold colours. The listener is forced to use his/her imagination energized by graphics which complement the music in a brilliant way. I think I’ll be in trouble at the end of the year, because this year seems to be a great year for music, a couple of marvelous albums have been released so far and a few are still waiting to hit the market. You simply can’t miss the Brits, they deserve to be in the spotlight and I’m sure they are right if they think that . This music is not banal and is still on my mind….it’s been quite a while since I last gave this mark.


Piotr Michalski
translation: Gosia Michalska

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