D – The Sagarmatha Dilemma (review)

1. Closer To My Soul / Closer To Heaven
2. The Sagarmatha Dilemma
3. The Red Mountain
4. Thin Air
5. Even If I Was Wrong
6. Radio Sherpa
7. I’m Coming Down (I Shall Go Back)

Year: 2008
Label: Ozeta Production

What an album, what a music! Stephen Desbiens (known from Red Sand) offers a portion of exquisite prog rock of best quality. Everything has its place here, everything is well thought-out, there is no space for unnecessary sounds or pauses. The album entitled “The Sagarmatha Dilemma” is beyond doubt one of the most interesting prog rock CDs released this year. Wide variety of solutions used in compositions and a large number of sounds attract your attention from the very first moment you play this music to the very last ones. Even if I mention that Stuart Nicholson (Galahad) made a guest appearance on the title track and Derek Sherinian (ex Dream Theater) plays the keyboard on instrumental “Radio Sherpa” this will not be enough to give you a real taste of power and atmosphere permeating this album. Sound of acoustic guitars is an important element of “The Sagarmatha Dilemma”, their lines are just fantastic and let me mention just those included on “Radio Sherpa”. There are no weak moments here. Each track has an atmosphere of its own, each stands as a complete composition at all points. It doesn’t matter whether it’s more expressive “The Sagarmatha Dilemma” including delicate vocals by Stuart Nicholson set against Stephan’s voice that is rock in style or it’s a semi ballad like “Even If I Was Wrong”. The choir of “Even If I Was Wrong” is sung in double voice and it stays in your memory for long and in spite of the fact that its atmosphere is balladic, some heavy guitar lines are put to the forefront. Last minutes of this track include acoustic sounds that make you think of Latin American music. On reflection, if you removed the second part of this composition we would have a great radio hit. Another prospective hit is the closing track “I’m Coming Down (I Shall Go Back)”. This song has an interesting melody and a catchy choir. As the minutes go by you can hear some jazz elements, some oriental themes on keyboard constituting the background and there is also a moment that is quite psychedelic in style. Those who love twisted structures and play with sounds will be delighted to listen to“Radio Sherpa”. The longest track on the album „The Red Mountain” requires a longer comment. Here an atmospheric beginning featuring piano sounds promises solid prog rock. Vocals sometimes reminiscent of John Bon Jovi, splendid acoustic guitar work sending chills down my spine and lines on violin interwoven into the structure of this composition make that this song is an excellent piece.

I’m afraid that it will be difficult to find „The Sagarmatha Dilemma” in shops in our country, but if you by any chance spot it somewhere don’t spare a minute, just buy it – satisfaction guaranteed. To my mind this is one of the most interesting albums I’ve had a chance to listen to this year, there is nice atmosphere, rock expression, so in other words – you can’t get bored with this music.


Piotr Michalski
translation: Gosia Michalska

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