BRIGHTEYE BRISON – Believers and Deceivers (review)

1. Pointless Living
2. After the Storm
3. The Harvest
4. The Grand Event

Year: 2008
Label: Progress Records

To get this review started, I’ll give you some information on the band itself, because perhaps many of you haven’t heard of Brighteye Brison yet. Luis Kase, a fan of prog-rock of the 70s, studied at the Royal Academy of Music in Stockholm from 1996 to 2000. It is at the Academy where he met Kristofer Eng, bass guitarist who just like him was the fan of Yes-like sounds. Their common interests and fascinations led them to form a group in 2000 which apart from the above mentioned musician included also Daniel Kase – a drummer. A guitarist – Johan Oijen joined in the same year and in 2006 a key-board player Per Hallman. In 2007 Eric Hammerstron replaced Daniel Kase as band’s drummer

In 2008 the band recorded its third album called „Believers and Deceivers”. There are only 4 songs on the album, however, it’ s enough to have a look at their times and everything becomes clear. Each consecutive track is longer and more complex from the previous one and „The Grand Event” which closes the album lasts for more than 34 minutes (!!) The structure of the album is planned out in a very interesting way. To my mind it resembles getting through stages in a game – as you progress the tracks become more difficult and recquire from you more commitment and attention. Each consecutive track consumes more time and you can’t „win” easily just after one try.

Those who miss the atmosphere of the 70s in present-day prog-rock should have a try on this album as soon as possible. „Belivers and Deceivers” is a tribute to such groups as Genesis, Yes and ELP. You won’t find any electronic intricacies, the band does not draw on modern technologies. Delicate sounds of analogue instruments get to the forefront, there are some intriguing vocal parts arranged for a few voices, spacial, psychodelic keyboard sounds which are close to improvisation add to the atmosphere of the 70s. From time to time the band gives us some crazy, twisted jazz pices, there are some heavy guitar lines, sometimes it’s melodious, sometimes in the jungle of sounds you have to search for the melody. The album is rich in acoustic guitar lines, sounds of saxophone and pipe organs. Thanks to the wide variety of instruments used on the album, talented musitians and their ideas, the album will definately fascinate those who love prog-rock music of the 70s. I must admit that it’s not an easy album, it’s not possible to comprehend it even after you’ve heard it several times. Although an opening track „Pointless Living” is quite an easy piece, each consecutive track is a challenge…but is there anyone who does not like challenges…? especially if you consider that on another try the album will reveal some more of its secrets…


Piotr Michalski
translation: Gosia Michalska

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