2011.11.24 – ANDROMEDA – Martin Hedin (interview)

Your previous album was released 3 years ago. How did you spend this time?
When did you finish promote „Immunity zone”, and when did you start writing new one?

Hi! Martin Hedin (keyboards/production) here!
Well… it takes a long time to write, arrange, rehearse, record, mix and master the kind of music that we create. Also we all have daytime jobs and some of us have kids, so the time we have to work together is kind of limited. Unfortunately.

I missed the moment you changed bass-player. What happened, that Andromeda changed a man behind the bas?

Fabian lives quite a long way away from Malmö, and has a lot of other things going on. I think it was a mutual feeling that his heart wasn’t in the band anymore. We miss hanging out with him, but this was probably for the best. We’ve known Linus Abrahamson a long time, he was the natural choice when Fabian left. He’s very talented and ambitious, a winning combination!

You changed label once again. Why did you choose Inner Wound Recordings? I suppose their distribution isn’t better then your previous label (to tell you the truth in Poland it’s impossible to get the records, we always import it from US or so.).

Well, we’ve had some ups and downs with labels. I can’t promise you that the distribution in Poland will be better now, but we feel that Inner Wound has a genuine interest in the band, and they will do their best promoting „Manifest Tyranny”.

I read at label preview, that „Manifest Tyranny” is your darker album. But it’s also much melodic in my opinion. I also got the immpresion, the keyboards are hidden a bit in the backgrounds, and the immpression is the record is much guitar oriented – do you agree?

I’m not sure if it’s darker than „The Immunity Zone”, but it’s definately broader. We’ve taken things in all directions. You’ve never heard us this angry before! But there are also more quiet parts than the other albums.
I agree that the guitar is more prominent in the mix, but that’s just a sound thing. Johan Reinholdz (guitar) and myself do most of the writing, actually I think I’m more responsible for this one 🙂 But I wouldn’t say that the album is keyboard oriented either. When I write, melody and structure always comes first. Each song takes its own path so to speak, and we try to follow it wherever it leads.

What about lyrics at your album, are the themes of the tracks connected? There are some politics speeches in it… so is there any leading subject?

It’s a concept album. Manifest Tyranny is a reference to the 19th century expression „manifest destiny”, the belief that the U.S was destined to expand and to spread democracy and new technology. The only thing that has changed is that you don’t hear them call it „manifest destiny” anymore.
The concept of the album is angry lyrics covering subjects like the war in Iraq, the corrupt banking system, false flag operations, the complicit media etc. Things that bother me deeply. I guess writing these lyrics is a way to deal with the sick society that I find myself living in.

I would like to ask you about the cover artwork. There ale some writings on the stone rocks at the picture – what are their meanings, and what about the text at the title – Manifest Tyranny document?

There’s a lot to be said about the mysterious Georgia Guidestones. They seem to be a message to the survivors of a future apocalypse. The song „Chosen by God” deals with the arrogance of our political leaders and the power elite that they represent. In the song, the actual inscription of the stones is recited – along with my translation, trying to make clear that they don’t have the people’s best interest in mind.
The text on the document is a famous quote by president Theodore Roosevelt from 1912: „Behind the ostensible government sits enthroned an invisible government, owing no allegiance and acknowledging no responsibility to the people.”

I guess some of Andromeda’s latest covers was done by vocalist himself. Why did you hire Markus Sigfridsson this time?

David Fremberg (vocals) did the layout of the booklet once, not the actual cover. Niklas Sundin did „Extension of the Wish” and „Chimera”, Mattias Norén did „II=I”, and my sister Maria Hedin did the cover for „The Immunity Zone”. With the exception of our first album, I’ve always worked closely with the artist to make the artwork match the music and lyrics of the album. It was great working with Markus Sigfridsson and I think the result fits this album well! Johan’s girlfriend Sofia Bennrup did some amazing illustrations for the booklet.

What are your promotion plans, are you going to play concerts this fall/winter?

We plan to do as many live shows as possible in 2012, so far some festivals are confirmed. Check out our Facebook-page for updates!

I found your new videoclip at your FB-profile. I like it a lot, but why did you decide to record so simple clip (just band at the rehersal room). Didn’t you consider doing a clip with a scenario?
Why did you pick the heaviest song of the album to promote it?

Glad you liked it! „Preemptive Strike” is a very short song, but the lyrics represent well what this album is about. It’s an angry outcry against the injustice of western world government, from ordinary people like ourselves.

What are your memories from your visit in Poland, when you recorded your DVD?

We had a great time in Poland! David shot and edited a short and funny video of our trip in 2006. It’s included on the DVD as bonus material. Be sure to check it out 🙂

I hope – you will visit Poland once again in the near future.
I wish you luck in promotiom of the album – it’s briliant IMO!

Thank you very much! It’s been too long, we sure hope to return next year to meet all our fans there. See you then!

Questions: Piotr Spyra

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