2020.03.06 – SERIOUS BLACK – Dominik Sebastian (Interview)


There were only one year passed beetween publishing each of your first three albums. And after realising „Magic” your fans had to wait three years for another studio album. But Magic came out along with live album, and soon after that you recorded acoustic CD. So I understand this three years publishing pause. But, why did you decide to publish three cd’s in the row back in 2017?

Dominik Sebastian: We needed to stay on track and prove to be a band and not just a project. Also for touring it is necessary to have something new. For my taste it was too much and too fast. But anyway it brought us where we are.

During that time, you also changed line-up. I assume, Alex and Bob are busy with their main bands. But could you tell me why Jan left the band?

DS: Personal reasons. And he could not (or didn‘t want to) tour like we did.

Btw, there are still a lot of keyboard parts at new album. And you are playing it from „tape” during live shows. Did you consider hire permanent keyboard player?

DS: No. On the latest recordings keyboards are no lead instruments. And that for it‘s not necessary to have another musician on board.

I saw your concert in Cracow and loved it, how did you guys enjoy your first visit in Poland?

DS: Yes, we did indeed and I‘m sure we‘ll be back.

In this case you played as the support band. And also with the intention to reach new fans.
Was it hard for you guys to pick the setlist? There are some hits already in your discography, plus you have to promote new studio album…

DS: It was not easy. We decided to take the more powerful and faster tracks and just one new song – you know, we‘ve been with Battle Beast and Hammerfall!

You have booked some dates for autumn tour. Any chance to see you guys in Poland again?

DS: For sure, but I ain‘t got any idea when it could happen.

serious black

Let’s skip to the new album „Suite 226”, I didn’t reach any storyboard, but graphics and some lyrics seems to be connected somehow. What is the story behind the album?

DS: Most of the songs treat the mental illness theme and experiments about it. There is not really a storyline throughout the album.

I think there is more hard rock in your new compositions, do you agree?

DS: We wanted to go back to the roots, more like on our debut album. And I‘m sure we should stay on that way.

I felt some oriental mood in some of your songs too. Do you like to mixing such parts in your music.

DS: I absolutely love mixing up styles of different countries and regions. Oriental stuff belongs to my favorites. I would like to play those things on original instruments as well, but I ain‘t got them yet.

„Castiel” and „Heaven Shall Burn” has (IMO) Nightwish(ish) guitar riffs along orchestral keyboards, was it intended? Sounds modern I have to say.

DS: Those songs are written by Urban. As he doesn’t listen to Nightwish at all, there can‘t be any intention at all – not from that way.

Did you feel the pressure with composing new material after releasing fantastic concept album „Magic”?

DS: As we used some of the material from the former sessions, there was no big pressure. The pressure came when the release date came nearer and nearer and some (vocal) files were still missing for the mix. Somehow we did it.

Your videoclips always impressed me. I enjoy the clip you shot to first single „When the Stars Are Right”. Are you proud of it?

DS: Absolutely! But the real work was made by the fantastic film crew in Belgrade who coached us and built all the CG-rooms around us.

So do you consider videos are still important with the promotion of music – in times of shorties, when people can’t focus on the movie longer than a minute? 😛

DS: Yes I think that (at least well made) videos are still important. It has to catch you from the first second on.

Thank you for your time. I cross fingers and wish you luck with the promotion of the album.

DS: Thank you for your interest! Rock on!

Questions: Piotr Spyra

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