2017.03.15 – NIGHTMARE – Matt Asselberghs (Interview)

nightmare band

When Amore brothers decide to quit the band… didn’t you consider to continue playing with new brand, and left the NIGHTMARE behind?

For a moment that idea came out, I mean, Ok Nightmare is over let’s move forward with a new name and a new atmosphere, but why destroying 30 years to make aname to change for a new one and start everything from scratch again? Actually the Name Nightmare belongs to Yves so it would have been silly to change everything, but in a way that’s what we did I mean we really make a change for a change.

Why did you decide to hire female vocalist to the band?

Actually that idea came from me at first, we were talking about new singers, some well known.. some unknown…but I just said “hey guys, wanna make something strong? With guts? So lets hire a women with balls” that’s how it started.

Magali Luyten is well known vocalist at the metal scene. What was your expectations? Didn’t you afraid of fans reactions? Or maybe you expected to reach much bigger fan base with Magali on board?

We hired Mag only to increase Charts record for Nightmare, Women Sells no ?? LOL !! KIDDING !!!! no way, sure at first we knew that it would be risky but actually it was THE Solution to really make something new on a blank page, we knew from the start that some of our fan base will really NOT agree and some others will really say Fuck Yeah, it’s just a roll of a dice sometimes.

So – what was fans reactions, just when you announce line-up changes and then, when you published the album? Did you expect it?

We lost some Old fans, from the old school ERA, but we really got some new fans from different horizons, female fans metal, thrash, death… I guess when they heard about Magg they thought that it will be more light” if i can say so, but AU CONTRAIRE it was really powerfull and violent, much more than before.

Was there any other options you consider? How did you come up with this idea? And when did you take decision? Did you rehearse Magali singing your older material or so?

We thought about other singers, I mean Male singers but everyone would have compared and we really said FUCK NO ! We got in contact with Maggy during summer 15′, I sent her a demo version of Eternal Winter and she sang Along, and it was actually magical… so we decided to make a rehearsal with her and try old stuff, it really worked well, but we realized that we really wanted to make an album soon together because the old songs were not fitting anymore to the band… Fed up with the old tunes…

dead sun

Did you write the material on „Dead Sun” with Magali, or did you prepare it before?

Actually, Franck and I are making all the music then Yves and Magg are making melodies and so on, to be honest, this album contains a tons of ideas that we never had the chance to express with the others due to their lack of technics and open minded… but the next one will be more “all together” work out.

You invited Kelly Carpenter to sing vocal duet at „Serpentine”. Did you write the song with the intention to put vocal duet in it?

Nop, Actually we were at the studio and Yves an Magg though that would be great to put on that track in particular some other vocals, and everything went easy from that point 🙂

You recorded two clips for the promotion of the album. Can we expect some in the near future (mabye live-clip)?

Yes, Great videos hein ? Directed by Mehdi Kahdouj a great friend of mine here. I’m working right now on live videos from our last show in Grenoble, I guess those videos will came out during 2017..

What kind of clips do you prefer to make the most? Just band playing at (any) landscape (in vein of „Ikarus”), or maybe more darker scenario like in the case of „Serpentine”?

To be Honest, I don’t really know, some tracks would fit more to a scenario and some to a rock’n’ roll play along, I really like both and it’s really well made.

I’ve noticed you booked some dates for touring during April-May.
But you played at 70 000 tons of metal. So what’s the difference between setlists (festival and club shows), did you plan it already?

Yeah, we have a short first tour in april-may with Civil War (past members of Sabaton), that’s a first entry to what comes afterwards more dates will come soon. About set list, we’re gonna play only DEAD SUN and maybe Eternal Winter but actually we really wanna make sure that people know that the new Nightmare is HERE and ALIVE.

I guess you’ll be playing a lot of new material, but which older / classic tracks do you play live nowadays?

Like said before, no more old songs, Nightmare is suffering from an old background from the 80’s and people are still thinkin we’re making spandex classical NWOBHM metal so… We really need people to know that we’re not that anymore, ALL DEAD SUN tracks will be played !

Do you have any plans for summer festivals?

We’re working on it…

What are your near future plans? Do you writing new material?

We never stop from writings new material, we gonna take our time to write a UPPER album than Dead Sun, always going in the distance and keep moving forward, we’re gonna tried some new horizon you’ll see.

And we will have a bigger tour during Fall 🙂 wait and see.

Conducted by: Piotr Spyra

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