2013.12.16 – MEMENTO WALTZ – Marco Piu (interview)

Your band’s name sugest your inspirations a bit… how did you come up with the idea of such brand?

Our name came up from the fusion of two our favourite bands : Memento Mori and Psychotic Waltz. Take this name was very easy, very natural for us. Obiviously, it sounded good.

There is Polish band called Division by Zero, did you know about it, before you choose title of the album? (Did you listen to their music?)

The album title is an idea of Marco. He did not know the Polish band before. Thanks to this, we know also the band Division by Zero and it is a very very good band. However, unfortunately (or not?) the album title was chosen and we decided to keep it.

I consider your debut album less heavy oriented (much more twisted/prog), than material from EP, what was the reason of such evolution?

We don’t think it is an evolution or involution. Our songs come up from improvisations, so you can feel the emotions and the feeling that we have felt in our lifes at that moment, what the synchronization of our instruments and minds have generated note by note, riff by riff.. and song by song. We don’t use to decide nothing before playing our instruments.

I just wanted to ask in which way do you guys writing your material, so is it hard to match lyrics with so much intense music?

Our songs born from improvisation. We use to record everything in our studio and listen to everything we have played. Then a lot of things are deleted… and a lot chosen. The next step is, naturally, play together what we have choosen and go on straight with our feelings.
Lyrics were composed in the same way. Is very natural, but difficult at the same time, to put lyrics following the changes of intensity and tempo, but exciting 🙂

So, what about the lyrics? Are their puzzled in any concept?

No, nothing of this. Each lyric is different and also collocated in a different space and time, intensity and pathos. Opus Alchemicum speaks about the past, Mechdreamer speaks about a (fantasy?) future. Writing was very difficult and exciting at the same time for me and for my not so good English 🙂


I saw some links to positive reviews of your new album, have you find any negative reactions at your music? 😉

No, we are very happy:) We are still waiting for the first negative reaction.

Are you going to search the label to publish your next album, or maybe you prefer to take care of your business yourselves?

There are a lot of good labels but, if you want to catch the higher level, you need to choose the best for yourself… and we are still looking for the best opportunity.

What are your plans for promotion? Are there any chances to see you on European tour?

Tour is a big word. We have a job and we don’t have much time to go out from Italy. We would be very happy to play in festivals like Wacken or Prog Power for example, but our condition must be considered. We need money, support and a very good label/booking agency behind us.

What is your idea to reach fans of prog music abroad? Any videoclip in plans, or maybe something else?

Yes, we are thinking about a videoclip, perhaps for the next album. We have no idea of how we could reach more fans, we can only play our music. It’s very important for us to find a management that can help us in this way.

I admire your work, and hope you will succeed.
Last line for you as a point, or maybe you guys could recommend your album to our readers yourselves?

If you want to listen to a good prog metal album and support our band, please visit www.mementowaltz.com and follow us on facebook. We need you and we hope you like our music as well!

Questions: Piotr Spyra

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