2012.05.01 – RPWL – Piekary Śl.

Piekary Community Centre in its history has experienced a lot of concerts, it has hosted many musicians who are well known and those who are going to be well known. However on 1 of May, an exceptional performance took place there. It happened only because of the stubbornness of one person, her photos are the decoration to my article. RPWL tour in Poland were originally intended to go through 4 towns – Poznań, Szczecin, Warszawa, Bielsko, and its end were to happen in April but it was not! By the effort of Natalia, the tour ended in May in Piekary Śląskie. On the first May evening we were able to watch RPWL at „O.K. Andaluzja”! I have to mention that this band was a guest there in September 2009 on a concert which were arranged in honour of Richard Wright and was filled with repertoire of Pink Floyd. In May we could see a band whose music were composed by its musicians and they have probably climbed an artistic Mount Everest.

Their concert set was divided into two parts but taking it precisely there is a need to say that it was divided into three essential programmatic parts. The first part was totally filled with music from their new album, this conceptual creation „Beyond Man and Time” is based on the philosophical Friedrich Nietzsche story „Thus Spoke Zarathustra”. In order to bring closer this to the public the group has referred to measures well known in progressive rock, but nowadays less and less musicians use them. The RPWL performance was a combination of stage show full of visualizations as formerly Peter Gabriel did with Genesis and Pink Floyd.

That is true that the staging „Beyond Man and Time” could look like the Genesis concept of „The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway” but I think that RPWL composition will probably never lose the magical Pink Floyd atmosphere and nobody who is a loyal fan of RPWL does not want it to happen. There were three projection screens with flashing pictures which intensified impressions of receiving sounds. Yogi Lang was putting on a variety of outfits, he impersonated in various characters from „Beyond Man And Time”, he wandered from hell to heaven, he was Quasimodo, an insane chemist, a priest who sprinkled the audience with water. All that happened that night is difficult to describe, the pictures do it better.
The band in the second part used its previous repertoire picking up from its bouquet some of more beautiful „flowers”. That night we could hear – the title composition from „Trying to Kiss the Sun”, „Breathe in Breathe Out” from „The RPLW Experience”, „Roses” from „World Through My Eyes” (with a refrain chanted by the audience) and a gorgeous „Hole in the Sky” from the first album „God Has Failed”.
Certainly that was not the end. As I mentioned there was a third part of that unforgettable performance as well. The band once again referred to its biggest musical inspiration, to Pink Floyd. That night it was played a breathtaking expanded „Embryo”. We cannot find this composition on no Pink Floyd studio album (it came into being while working on r0;Ummagummar1; finally published on „Works” in the United States in 1983). The album version is much shorter than the life version. The RPLW version is in proper length (about 20 minute), they performed it in a way as if they were in the 70’s last century, not in 2012.
All the members of the band should be paid compliments however I would like tell something about a new figure in RPWL the bass player Werner Tauss who has replaced Christian Postl. I think all have noticed his excellent skills as a bass player but I am not convinced about noticing his brilliant vocal abilities. Tauss has ably supported Yogi Lang.

Still in this month (24 May) in O.K. Andaluzja there will be Wath, a popular Italian band which is inspired with Gnesis, and which performed here many times. German RPWL has placed the crossbar high. Are Italian to jump over it? For certain one will be convinced only with one’s own eyes.

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