2011.02.07 – APPEARANCE OF NOTHING – Pat Gerber (interview)


There was a premiere of the new album of Swiss band APPEARANCE OF NOTHING last month. It’s hard to get the record in Poland, but listeners of Rock Area Show should recognize the band for sure. Also fans of Devon Graves or Dan Swano should reach the album, ’cause Graves and Swano sung as guests on „All gods are gone”.
I asked some questions regarding new album to Pat Gerber – (vocals/guitar).

It’s been passed few days from the release of the album, is the feedback of the press and fans satisfied you?

We’re more than only satisfied. We never expected such positive statements. It seems that we’re on the right way.

How did the process of creating and recording album look like?
You hired Markus Teske to take the producers duties once again, but new album sounds bit modern and havier.

Well, our procedure is always the same. Marc creates more or less all songs himself. He shows us the songs in a way that we can easily understand what the idea is. Then I take care about the singing lines and the lyrics. Of course the whole band is involved in this work.
Regarding Markus Teske, he works highly professional and we knew that we will work with him again. We also knew, that “all gods are gone” should sound more modern and heavier….and that’s exactly what it is now.

I also got the impression, previous album was more guitar oriented. Do you agree?

No, I don’t think so. The keyboards on “wasted time” were more dominant as on “all gods are gone”. We also created a more aggressive guitar to put the guitars more up front.

Is there a story behind the lyrics on the new album?

It’s not a concept album but it contains always a little theological statement of some sort and just good old story telling. Of course it’s got (anti-)religious overtones too but not in a preach sort of way.

The first track Mirrors Eyes is a follow up to the song Man in the Mirror… is it musical or a theme continuation?

It’s both. We’ve integrated a short part from “man in the mirror” as a bridge for the new album on this track.


Why did you decide to invite guests to sing at your new album.

We wanted to add more creativity and create different styles on that album. We thought that Dan Swanö would be the best person for taking care about the “death voices” (…and he truly is !!). As we finished “sweet enemy” we decided to ask Devon Graves to sing some parts of this song. We all felt, that his dramatic and melancholic voice would fit perfect. Now that we hear the result we know that it was the perfect choice.

How did it happen, that Dan Swano and Devon Graves sang on your new album?

As I said before we had the wish to have these two guys on board. So we sent them our demo tapes and asked. Both accepted and it’s definitely a highlight on the record.

What is your recipe for band’s quite unique sound?

We love our music and we wouldn’t change a single note on that album. I think that’s the way to create a unique sound. Don’t make too many compromises.

How do you want to promote the album? Is there any tour coming next months?

The promotion isn’t easy but if we read all the reviews then we know that it’s just a question of time until we get a higher recognition. Of course we’re promoting ourselves on the internet and radio stations. Step by step even if it’s a long way to go.
We’re now planning concerts for this summer and hope to play on some festivals too.

BTW what is your current set looks like? Is there any track from your demo album?

Maybe one or two songs, surely if we do a headliner show. But we’re trying to promote “all gods are gone” and we’re focusing on that.

Is it possible to get “Behind Closed Doors” nowadays?

Actually this album is sold out so to speak. Sometimes you can see some copies on ebay. But who knows, maybe we’ll do a re-record of one or more songs…

So, I wish you good luck in promotion of new album, and I hope to see you guys on tour, also in Poland (I hope 😉 )

Thanks a lot. It would be a great pleasure to play in Poland!

Questions: Piotr Spyra

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