2012.08.08 – SLIDE ON VENUS* – Thibault Malé (interview)


Help me decrypt your band’s name – what Slide on Venus means, and what about the star („*”) at the end of it?

This name does not mean anything special but it has a kind of metaphoric feeling as Venus is a Goddess… Our lyrics are written this way, we try to suggest emotions rather describing them. The “*” at the end was an idea of the graphist who did our first artwork and we decided to keep it as a kind of logo. Not a lot of specific thoughts behind this at all!

You have recorded 3 EP’s before you published first full-lenght album. Why did you wait so long?

We tried to find our way and when we started 4 years ago we did not have many songs written as most bands when they start. And recording is a quite expensive process so we focused on releasing an EP every year since then… Last year, we felt ready to record our first album and it came out in March 2012 and we are very proud of it.

I don’t know your music from first two EPs… but i admire the third one. I consider your music became more mature nowadays, do you agree?

Thank you! It is definitely more mature. We found our way, this kind of power rock like bands such as Foo Fighters or Biffy Clyro do. We tried to write real songs with a lot of pure energy. We are now looking in the future to become even more personal in our songwriting process.

Few months passed since you release your debut album. You played a lot of concerts since then. Are you happy with the response to your new material?

We managed to book many shows by ourselves but to be honest we hoped that we could have played more. But the shows we did were amazing and everywhere we went, there was an incredible response from the audience. So, we are really satisfied but we are kind of frustrated of not playing more to defend our album. It is a strange feeling actually but it is a very, very positive one.

I found descriptions of your music as powerpop/rock/indie. Are you glad there’s hard to classify your band’s music?

To be honest, we do not really care about this. To classify music by genre could be difficult because not everyone sees the same bands behind the description. So are we an indie rock band? A power rock band? A rock band? We are just playing the music we like to play when the four of us are together.
It’s better to not be only be classified in one genre only because we can share the stage with a lot of very various bands and not only play in one very specific scene.

There’s not comfortable times for independent / rock music nowadays. Or maybe not – selling music via internet helps explore distant territories. I don’t ask the numbers, but what about percents you sold your album via digital media, and what is the part of real CD’s in it?

You are right, times are getting hard for musicians… But is it that really different from before? Trying to become a professional musician is not something you are sure it is going to pay the bills… You do it for passion and for the love you have doing it, nothing more.
We produced our album by ourselves, so for the physical version which is distributed through Domino Media Group, we keep most of the money which is just a way to got money back from what we invested at first. For the digital version, it is the same, no big labels involved here so the most is for us. But we do not sell a lot, so believe me we are not rich or even living with our music! We try to earn as much money as possible to continue making albums, touring and promote our music. That is why we need our fans to buy our work because it is just to help us to continue composing songs for them. It is a way to show your support!


The title of the album, cover artwork plus video clip (where we can see stripping model) are directed to your male-fans 😉
Do you consider your statistic fan as young/horny/male? 😉

Ha ha! Not really. We have as much girls than boys in our fan base. We wanted to have a sexy artwork and I am pretty sure that even girls can see some beauty in it. Having said that we are four guys in the band and our lyrics can refer to love, relationships, frustration… So we have a men approach about all this! But we could have done a girl version with a sexy man on the cover, you’re right.

Do you offer something for girls, or maybe you guys can strip at your next clip;)

We have been asked a lot about his! Seriously some reviews asked if the next step for us would be to take off the bottom! When we are on stage, we always say that we would like to have a feedback from the audience and we always are available after at the merch table so people can chat with us, buy some stuff, ask for a photo or a friendly kiss! And even guys show up and ask for it…

BTW why didn’t you hire same model, who appear at your cover artwork, to act at your clip?

You have great eyes. It was not really a choice but it happened this way. The girls are two models, Justine Girardot on the cover and Johanne Kervela on the clip. They did a great job and we would like to thank them for this. We wanted something related to the lyric of the song “Topless” which is a story of a guy who have a fantasy about a picture of a girl and who wants to see more of her.

I’m glad there’s some information in English at your website. Did you notice French bands often don’t care about non-french-language fans, despite they singing in English…

It happens a lot unfortunately. We know that our music is meant to be heard by anyone and we are singing in English so it felt logical. But we do not to pretend to be what we are not : we are French so there is also a part in French. We are hoping to tour more in Europe so we have to be understood by the majority of people.

So, what are your future plans? Are you planning next album? Have you started writing new material?

We are planning to tour more and more. We know that nowadays you could be easily forgotten so we decided to keep being productive. We already started to write many songs and are planning to record and release some of them very soon in the beginning of 2013. We hope that we could make a second album following this. It is important for us because as soon our album came out we already felt like writing new stuff. It is great way to keep being motivated and excited. We know that we will not ever be some kind of “next hyper band sensation” or “the next big thing”. Our models toured a lot, recorded a lot of songs before being more popular and we know it is about about all this : passion, sweat and hard work. We want to do always more and more.

Thanks for your time, and I wish you good luck with the promoting of your music.

We do thank you : it is always a great feeling to have someone’s attention for our work and it is the best reward ever. We wish we could come to Poland very soon to rock your stages. If someone is interesting in booking us, don’t hesitate to write us at infobrlunote@gmail.com

Questions: Piotr Spyra

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