2010.05.13 – DREYELANDS – Andras Adam Horvath (interview)


Hungarian band DREYELANDS released debut album via Lion Music. I’m convinced, every fan of progpower should reach the album. I asked some questions to DREYELANS’s guitarist – András Ádám Horváth. We spoke about the album itself, searching for the label, future plans and Hungarian prog metal scene.

Dreyelands sounds to me like some bands around scantinavian prog-power/hardrock scene, what are your inspirations?

Everybody listen to a lot of music from a lot of genres in the band so it’s a difficult question.
We all have a very different taste of music. The common part is progressive metal bands like Dream Theater, Queensryche, Symphony X, Pagan’s Mind, Circus Maximus, Vanden Plas, Ayreon, Beyond Twilight or from the lighter side Pink Floyd, Queen…
It’s sure that there is a huge AOR/hard rock influence from my side because I adore bands like Europe, Whitesnake, Def Leppard, Blue Murder, Gotthard, Aerosmith, Extreme, Mr.Big, Winger, Van Halen… These are my childhood’s music.
But we like very much the darker side of metal like Strapping Young Lad, Meshuggah, Behemoth, Opeth, Pantera.
And we listening grunge, jazz, etc…

At your Myspace profile we can listen to three demo tracks. What was the demo like? What was the difference between these versions as compared to present ones?

It was a self-released 3-track EP. We made it to promote the band everywhere. We made 300 copies and send around the world and it was downloadable for free on our old website. The main difference is in the sound. We re-recorded everything for the album and we had to change the lyrics a bit to fit to Rooms of Revelations’ concept.

If some of the tracks on the album are older than other, did the theme come with the first songs?
How long did it take you to compose the material for your debut album?

It wasn’t the ‘3-months-writing-periode’ like process. We wrote these songs for years. I mean the song Way to You was written by Gergely (Springer – bassist) in 2001 before Dreyelands. The song Fragments was just before the recording sessions.
So these songs clasping our past and present. We chose the best songs to put on the album and when the conceptual story was actual we wrote a few other to complete the material.

Your band’s logo, and also the cover artwork is dark almost as in case of blackmetal albums. I suppose, it is related to the lyrics on the album?

Yes it is… It was absolutely our graphist’s idea to have this very dark mood. We were afraid that it will be firstly recognized as a black metal or something brutal album but on the whole we liked the picture. So be it. .:-)

Nevertheless the concept of the album is a bit typical in terms of genre, your lyrics aren’t trivial.

Yes, maybe it’s a bit typical, but for me it’s an unboreable theme. I don’t know if our lyrics are or aren’t trivial. If not, probably it is caused by our origin. We are living in a not common country in the progmetal genre. Maybe we are thinking different. You know, like you are, bro’… 🙂


Just before you released your debut album, your keyboard player left the band, what was the reason?

Zoltan’s idea about the future and his attitude as personally like musically was increasingly different like ours. There are no bad feelings today, but I think it’s better both for and him and the band.

You inked the deal with Lion music back in fall. So did you compose any new tracks?

We have a lot of ideas but we don’t have any new full song.
In the last few months we made a few gigs and we rehearsed a lot with our new keyboard player György Nagy to play the songs safely live. When György is not able to come to rehearse we are always thinking on new themes and ideas.

It seems that a deal with Lion Music is an opportunity for you to appear to a wider audience, how long did it take you to find the label?

Yes it is, and we are very thankful for it. It was a few months maybe half year.

Did you send them the demo tracks or a whole album to convince the label?

We send out a lot of promo packs and e-mails when we finished the recordings of the album so they recieved final versions of 4 song.

Considering the condition of rock/metal scene, is the Lion Music your exclusive distributor? Or maybe you have a local distributor in Hungary?

They are. Unfortunately we don’t have any distributor here in Hungary, so Hungarian fans have to order the CD from abroad. 🙁

I found some of your concert dates in April/May in Hungary and Serbia. Is there a chance to see you playing live in Poland, or Czech Rep.?

Yes we were/will play a few gigs in Hungary and Serbia. I hope we’ll have the chance to play in your country sometimes. I would love it, but nowadays we don’t have management to organize this. We are working hard – for ourselves – to have the opportunity to play a lot abroad.

You released the album, there are some plans for touring, you also presented a videoclip. What is gonna be your next step in promotion of the album?

As I mentioned above, we are working on it, and hoping to have the chance of touring. We’d like to make a video for one of the songs but it has financial limits. I hope we could manage it.

How does progressive scene look like in Hungary? Can you recommend us any bands?

It’s a very little scene here. There are only a few bands which play relatively often. There are only one bigger band but they are playing once a year. It’s Age of Nemesis. But there were a few good one in the past like Stonehenge and Da Capo (I’m listening to the second one just now. :)) There are younger bands like Ad Astra, Mytra, Mindfields Factory etc. You can find all of them on myspace.

So, I hope we could see you on tour in Poland. I wish you the best from Rock Area crew and Polish prog metal fans.

So am I. Thanks for your questions, all the best for you there. Hope to see you soon…

Questions: Piotr Spyra

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