2009.10.01 – EMIL BULLS – Christoph Von Freyndorf (interview)

Welcome Bulls , we are counting days to the release of your new album.You shared the first song from the album called ‘Here Comes The Fire’ online so situation is hot like a fire :).Tell us in few words why the new album is titled ‘PHOENIX’ ?

The lyrics of the album often pick up fire as a central theme. Not only do I sing about fire as an element and a destructive force. I also describe fire as a fundamental piece of vitality. The title „PHOENIX“ also fits perfect if you look at the history of the band. We had to deal with a couple of line up and label changes. All these dissapointments just made us stronger and with every album we rose from our own ashes and reinvented the band and our music.

Where was the ‘PHOENIX’album recorded ,did anyone else work with you while you were recording the album or maybe you did it by yourself?

We recorded the album at the „Principal Studios“ in Münster/Germany with the help of our producer Benny Richter.

How long did it take you to record fresh material on upcoming ‘PHOENIX’ album ? Was there any problem with it ?

Fortunately our skills as musicians grew to a respectable level over the last years and so we were able to record this monster within two weeks.

What can we expect on the new album , it is the continuation of a previous album titled ‘Black Path’ or maybe something new?

As well as. Basically „POENIX“ is a logical advancement of „THE BLACK PATH“, which offered the band loads of new possibilities in songwriting. In my opinion we created an album with no musical boundaries. The songs are on the one hand agressive as fuck and on the other hand sweet as candy. We also managed to give the whole album the freshness and furiousness of our previous works like „Angel Delivery Service“.

On TV, we can already see your new video for the song ‘When God Was Sleeping’, why did you choose this track as a first single of the PHOENIX album?

That`s a good question. We just wanted to put out a song which is hard enough for the alternative club scene and has an easy to understand and groovy chorus with a massive hookline.

Limited edition of your new album containing additional 5 remixed songs with one from Flamingo Music project, who dealt with alterations on a limited edition of ‘PHOENIX’ album?

There are remixes by DJ Sepalot of the well known German hip hop crew „Blumentopf“. I did a remix in the style of my solo project „Flamingo“.
Jamie our bass player did a nice alternate version of „Triumph and Disater“.
Our friends Dunn Ho and Sin. Bios also did some awesome versions of our songs.

What was the theme during the recording of PHOENIX what did you want to create, you are fully satisfied with the final result?

We tried to have no musical boundaries. The song itself was our main theme no matter i fit`s a headbreaking clubsmasher or a piano ballad.
If it’s good it will find a place on the album. And I’m very proud of being part of a band that has no fear to try new things and is always off to new horizons.

”PHOENIX’ is your 7th album , on every album you represent a different style. On the first records DJ’ZAMZOE supported you by recording & playing live. He added into your music the most of numetal insertions like scratches and electronic effects, but he left the band before ‘The Southern Comfort 2005’ release.What is Zamzoe doing now and of course why did he leave the band?

I think he wasn’t so much into the whole touring thing and that it was always very hard for him to leave home.
Right now he is working as a producer and has got some solo projects.

I’m sure Andy is a high class guitarist but I need to ask you why his predecessor Chrissy left the band back in 2008? Do you know what is he doing now?

Chrissy is working as a tourmanager for different bands.
If you got the chance you gotta ask him yourself why he left the band.
I just don`t know it.

The band has never relased any album in Poland it’s really so hard to release something here in PL? or maybe it’s a diferent problem can you explain that to us?When can Polish fans expect to see you live here in Poland? Is there any chance to relase ‘PHOENIX’ here?

Believe me we wanna release our record in every country on this planet and it would be so nice to play a tour in Poland some day. But it’s not so easy for a heavy German band these days. Hmmm that’s what they tell us. Spread the word my friend and I promise we`ll come to rock your country!

Last year you played over 200 shows including performances at the biggest German festivals. Are you going to break this record promoting ‘Phoenix’?

Oh my god. We are really a hard working band but right now I can`t imagine to play more than 200 shows for the „Phoenix“ album. I promise that we`ll break this record if someone finally lets us play in Poland.

The german nu-metal scene started exactly between in 2000-2001 I remeber this time , your friends from 4lyn starts their career on stage in the same year. 4lyn in 2001 played rapmetal style music. They change style definitely it’s more POProck now… do you know why? , What is your opinion regarding the style they represent now?

I don`t know why they changed their style but I know that these guys rock.

You are the inverse of 4lyn , now you have become the heavy band , the Black Path is the heaviest album recorded by Bulls. Tell us something about your personal emotions / feelings about Black Path just aftern recording session was finished?

I was totally stunned and thinking „wtf we really can be heavy without loosing our styles and trademarks“ It made me really happy cause it opened the door to new musical dimensions.

For me ‘Red Dicks Potatoe Garden’ is a very successful and diverse album in terms of its composition, despite low cost of production. Did You ever think about re-edition of your first studio album?

NO! But you made me think about it.

What exactly means ‘Emil Bulls’ to you?. You sing on the ‘Bulls Remixx’ track from the first album Red Dick’s Potatoe Garden something about the band name, but only few groups of fans has got the first album

you know, we`re kind of a gang, we don`t give a fuck about what people think or say about us. We just do what we want and as a crew we are a very strong unity.

Did you ever expect such you can achieve this kind of siccess, when you were recorded the ‘FeelEP & Red Dicks Potatoe Garden’ nearly twelve years ago?

Like every band we were dreaming about this and right now we`re living our dream.
Thank god he gave us the chance.

Can you tell us something about your childhood? and what was your earliest music influences?

A-ha was the first band I fell in love with and this love is still burning. Morten Harkets way to form melodies influenced me in a strong way. The first metal band that really knocked me out was „Pantera“. They`re still my favourite metal band and it`s a shame that they don`t exist anymore. RIP Dimebag Darrell !

What is your opinion about Polish rock scene? maybe You know any of Polish rock bands?

Oh yes, you`ve god a lot of great metal bands in Poland like „Vader“ or „Behemoth“.
For me the „Vader“ album „De Profundis“ is one of the best death metal albums
of all-time.

Christ on your MySpace blog we can read that you are co-producer of a debut album by the Swiss band called Sonic Delivery but in the meantime you recorded your new album and also went touring a lot.Tell us Christ where you take so much of energy to cope with so many responsibilities, maybe you are a robot or so… ?

It would be the best to be a robot or any kind of machine with never ending energy resources. I have a lot of ideas and I wanna do and try a lot of things. Unfortunately the time is my worst enemy and so it`s very hard to finish every idea and project I have.

At the end I need to ask you Christ about your project called ‘FLAMINGO MUSIC’ does it still exist? What is the future of Flamingo cause I think it’s some great electronic songs of much different style you represent here in Emil Bulls.

The „FLAMINGO“ album is in progress and I hope that I can finish it after the „Bulls“ tour. I also wanna go on tour with „Flamingo“ but there aren`t any fixed dates at the moment.

I’am so proud, I can ask you some questions in this interview. As far I know it is a first Polish interview with you Bulls , what do you want tell to Polish fans

I hope to see you all in Poland for great live gigs and some cold beers. CHEERS!

Questions: Tomasz Bąk

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