2009.04.14 – GRANTIG – Alex (interview)

What did the beginning of Grantig look like? What was happening with the band before the release of your debut album?

We started out in 2004, got a place to rehearse, spend every weekend jamming & drinking. more like a fun thing. as things grew larger we took it more serious and tried to bring it all to a higher level. so we spent months to get ready to send stuff to labels. we finally succeed with our second demo after about 2 years of constant playing & rehearsing.

Have you guys played in any other bands before?

Our singer and our drummer used to play in a band before, but that was more like a teenage experience. so i would say that grantig is our first real band with whom we really got to know the music business.

You recorded demo „So muss es sein”. Two of the tracks you placed at your debut album… why did you decide to choose these tracks?

One of the two was a really strong song which helped us to get the deal. everyone was impressed by it, so it became our band anthem. the other one was more like a good song with a strong idea we should rework and put it up again. the other ones werent that good so we wrote another bunch of songs, but there are some riffs we used again.

How did it happen that you inked a deal with Drakkar?

We caught the attention of our manager with our first demo and he insisted to enter the studios again with our current producer to record a proper demo. after the recordings he went immediately to some labels with it and drakkar was the first one who made a really good offer.

Your previous album came out just a year ago. What happened that you prepared a new album so quickly?

That was the decision of our label but the process was really natural. we took the time we needed so we felt really comfortable in the studio. we worked hard about half of the year to get that record done and are more than satisfied with the result.

Important parts of your album are lyrics. Unforunatelly I don’t understand a word of them.
Did you consider to place English transation at your website?

Good point. we should do that by times. maybe we include that on our upcoming homepage within the release of the record.

So, what are the lyrics about on your new album?

They deal with personal struggles and feelings, life and the things we experience. in the majority the topics tend to be rather dark.

What are your inspirations. What makes your music so varied?

It just happens that way. we don’t think about making a fast heavy verse and than go into a more melodic chorus. we do it intuitionally. the thing is we try to make our music interessting and i think thats the key why it is so varied. its like how can we get that good song to a higher level making it an awesome song who don’t lives from typical breakdowns or other common stuff.

It seems, thal Label has pinned high hopes on you. What are the plans regarding promotion of the album?

I think it is all about the fans. we have done our best, the label and our whole crew works really hard for pushing us forward, but in the end the people outside decide wheter they like it or not. our fanbase grows larger and larger but we have to work along trying to reach as much people as possible. our maingoal is now to play as much as we can.

Are you planning to play gigs outside Germany?

We do now some shows all around germany to promote the record but i hope we can get a cool support slot for an european tour in autumn. we’d love to play europe but it’s not easy to get the opportunity without a big budget.

Skull with horns at your album cover is almost a part of a logo of yours. Who is the autor of this image, and the idea?

It was made by our graphic artist who was introduced to us by our management. he did a pretty good job. you can check out his stuff at www.koma-grafik.de – he also did some stuff for bands like ektomorf, in flames or sonic syndicate.

Are you thinking of recording a videoclip to any song from your new album?

I’d love to but i don’t think we got enough money for that. i don’t want a low-budget performance-only video just to have one. if we do one, than it shall be something outstanding.

Thanx for interview. Best wishes from Rock Area Crew

Thank you, greetings from Germany – Alex (bass)

Interviewer: Piotr Spyra

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