2008.08.18 – D PROJECT – Stephane Desbiens (interview)

….He’s known from Red Sand and he takes us on a musical trip with his D project. It’s been a while since „The Sagarmatha Dilemma” got to the shops and beyond doubt it’s one of the most interesting prog rock CDs tat have been released this year. Check out our short interview with Stephane Desbiens

Hello! You must be very proud of “The Sagarmatha Dilemma”, it’s a brilliant album.

Thank you, we worked a lot in a short lap of time. The result please me.

Could you say a few words about „„The Sagarmatha Dilemma”? What’s the story it’s telling etc?

This album describe the climb of the Everest Peak, by alpinist Maxime Jean
in 2004. Lyric and score are base on Jean’s book giving details on this happening.

Probably you’ve already read some opinions and reviews concerning this album. What are they like, are they positive?

I must say, we had very positive reviews. I am also proud the album is well known
and appreciate in prog rock world.

You invited a few interesting people to work on this album. How it all started? Do you actually know Stuart Nicholson personally or maybe you cooperate via Internet?

Since Shimmering lights, I have invite several musicians to participate at the creation of several albums like Redsand, Ere G, Quaarn etc…That also became a trade mark in the creation of D Project. I always like to work with others artists and my distributor Michel Bilodeau suggest to ask to Stuart Nicholson (Galahad) to collaborate. Stuart sent me an mp3, and during our last show with Galahad, we sang together: what a magical moment!

Prog rock or prog metal – which of these two do you prefer and why prog rock?;))

I prefer prog rock, and my musical influence occurs from the seventies, i like prog metal too but i prefer prog rock.

You’re a multinstrumentalist, which instrument do you enjoy playing most?

Guitars and bass, i like drum too.

Do you plan any „D” concerts? If yes, any chance that you’ll tour in Europe?

I do some shows in Canada. I like to play in Europe eventually and in France in 2009.

There are some Marillion-tinged moments (guitar) and one can hear your fascination with Pendragon (e.g. choir in „Even If I Was Wrong”). Which bands inspire you most as a musician?

I can play lots of different styles. My principal influence come from two guitars players who are totally different. David Gilmor and Allan Holdsworth. In Close to Heaven, I have try deliberately to have the Pink Floyd sound that I like most.

It’s common to associate Canada with Rush. Could you tell us what prog rock scene in your country is like?

In the world, the Prog rock scene is small. There almost in Quebec province that we play Prog music. Although Rush is a fabulous exception. It is our lighthouse group.

Is an average prog rock fan in Canada familiar with any Polish bands?

I know there is excellent groups in Poland, (Riverside, Believe an others) I believe, Poland will become in a near futur, a prog rock stronghole.

Now floor is yours. If you wish please say a few words to our readers.

I would like to thanks everyone who believe and listen prog rock. Thanks to all who buy cds. and goes to concerts. With helping God, we may meet each other in a D. project show in Poland.

Piotr Michalski

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