2008.02.09 – PATHOSRAY – Fabio D’Amore (interview)

We can’t say Pathosray is unexperienced band, just because they recorded debut album. Band exists 7 years…
If someone’s smiling when they hear bands name, I have to say – if „Ray of Pathos” recorded such good debut album, we can expect great ones in the future…

Pathosray just recorded debut album, before that you recorded 2 demos. How you can describe evolution of the band during the years?

I think it’s a logical evolution!
We started as a garage band, with the passion of progressive rock/metal music and the willing to become as our idols, like Dream Theater, Symphony X, PFM, and so on…
So at the beginning, our material sounded really ingenuous, but there were a lot of interesting ideas, that we took also out for the first full-length!
Then, we became more mature, we started understanding how the things had to be made, and our personal influences changed of course!

What was the musical difference between “strange kind of energies”, “deathless crescendo” and your debut album?

As I said before, the SKOE demo was a good demo, I usually listen to it a lot of time!
It was progressive as well, even if bad recorded and not produced in the right way, the song writing, for that period, was great for me!
Strange kind of energy and Emerald city versions are good for me, for a strictly progressive metal style! As mentioned before, we didn’t forsake those ones, and now I’m really happy about that!
The DC demo was a sort of pre-production of the real full-length album. We started writing the new material, with the new line up, in early 2005, so all new songs and new ideas we had are recorded inside! The music style begun more personal and the sound direct and powerful. It was also needed to allow us to promote ourselves in pubs, festivals and webzines, but also in order to learn how to work for an auto-production in a studio!
So, after years and years of training, we arrived at the debut album with a lot of experiences on our shoulders, and I think we needed them;)
We tried to melt down all influences arrived from the first demo, with the lessons of the second demo, and the right view to take our product out, all around the world!

Why did you recorded debut album, so lately… after 7 years of the band’s existence?

Well, it was cause of line-up changes, then add some time to write the right material year after year…then years passed easily when troubles like that came out!

What is the story behind the band’s name?

The band name for us means a sort of emotional stream, that perfectly suite with our style and with the emotions we feel while playing and writing!
And of course, we thought it sounded good at that time!! Ahaha!!

Nowadays you have third logo. Is there hope that this is the last one? 😉

Ehehe!! Great question!
Anyway, I don’t know…I could say yes! But who knows??
The old logos were done by ourselves so, they regarded auto-promotion/production, and nothing comparable to Mattias Norén work! I think it would remain our logo for a lot of time…but I cannot exclude that we could change it in a remote future!!

I was shocked when I heard your album. I couldn’t believe that this is debut album… What do you think, what are your fans impressions? Do you receive such emails or guest book signs, regarding fans impressions?

I’m pleased to hear your words! Thnx a lot!
We received a lot of emails everyday, and we’re still receiving them! So we have to be very very happy and proud! We also received album covers to sign from people around the world! I cannot believe that…it’s great!
That’s one of the best side of music!

Do you like playing concerts, or do you prefer composing in rehearsal room?

Is there a 3rd option??
I really like doing both things, at the same value, even if they’re very different from each other.
When we play the emotions pushing me from the heart, and the crowd make me stronger…it’s something not so easy to explain…
When we’re in the rehearsal room, writing and composing new songs, there’s a great feeling between us: we could stay there for 10 hours and never could stop us!

Is there possibility to see Pathosray playing in Eastern Europe?

I think so!
Our management Intromental is working very good in order to take us playing all around Europe!
We’ve some things built up, but new details would be available very soon!

What are your future plans?

Well, first of all, take the band on tour in Europe and also somewhere in the rest of the world, to promote our album as well.
Then continuing promoting the band through new medias, maybe a video, to increase our fans, and let our music being spread everywhere!
We would also be pleased to find a Japanese deal…it would be a great thing…

Maybe it’s to early, but when can we expect second album?

No! It’s not so early as you think…
The second album is on its way!
We’ve just started the song writing process, and almost all songs are finished!
So, we will start the pre production very soon, during these months, and then decide when and where enter the studio for its recording sessions!!
You’ll see what we’re doing…;)

What is your favorite track on the album?

I can surely say every song!!
I don’t really prefer one in particular, they’re all my favourites!
Each one represent for me a stand alone kind of emotion…so it’s not possible to choose one!

Which one do you like to play the most?

The same, every song is different for me to play, so when we’re forced or we decide to take out a song from a track list I really feel sad!!
I feel like something is missing!

Which one is the most difficult to playing live?

If the conditions are good, I can say there aren’t big problems for me and for us.
But seen that is not like that, I can say The sad game, cause it’s the longest one and we need more attention and precision, then the opposite Sorrow never dies, cause in the “sweetest” moments we have to take care on not loosing power anyway!

What are your lyrics telling about?

Most of the lyrics deal to a main theme, which is the relationship between human being and nature, and how much we’re inert in front of such hugeness.
Then the remaining telling about real moment and usually feelings all of us felt in our life, in specific situations, like relationship with family, sex, and solitude…

Is the cover artwork connected with the lyrics?

Yes, the artwork is linked to the main theme I mentioned above.
There’s a man, close to a river (Pathosray) that renews himself from any kind of problem, mistake, old love, he wants to forget (the corpse). So that’s a beginning of a new life…

What do you want to say as an uotro to your Polish fans?

I want to thanks everyone for the support during this first months, and hope to see you all soon live, maybe in Poland!!!

Fabio D’Amore was interviewed by Piotr Spyra

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